A Very Voxer Hack Day

We challenged ourselves to innovate this week! So often, we are heads-down and focused on making improvements to the app as quickly as possible and integrating new features we set out on our roadmap.

But this week…well, let’s just say that Monday marked a very new and exciting occasion that we hope to grow in the coming months. hAck dAy!

The Voxer team (EVERYONE, not just engineers!) came up with a few dozen ideas and collaborated on 16 projects! Not too shabby for a staff of less than 50 on a Monday, right?

We took this event very seriously. We really got into it! Check out the team spirit!


above: Tiffany, Community Manager; Igal, Head of Product)

Teams worked through the night to bring their ideas to fruition, and at the next morning’s presentations we had an amazing array of hacks!


(above: the Voxer staff breaks up into teams to work on various hAck dAy projects)

Prizes are still to be determined (the entire staff is voting on winners), but you can look forward to a few of these features to make it into the app. We’ve got our users covered! Lots of amazing features are soon to come for Voxer. Stay tuned!

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