Voxer Integrates with PlanGrid to Provide Better Voice Communication to Construction Teams

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – January 29, 2018 – Voxer, the leading walkie talkie (PTT) app for teams, announced today that it has integrated with PlanGrid, the leader in construction software for the field, to help construction professionals communicate in real-time with live voice, text, photo, and video. The partnership provides PlanGrid users with push-to-talk (PTT) capability for their teams.

“Many construction companies use Voxer to create instant communication between teams on the field and project managers off-site. It saves time, minimizes mistakes and keeps teams on task. It’s a vast improvement over traditional walkie talkies, phone calls, and text messages,” says Irv Remedios, CEO of Voxer.

“PlanGrid drives productivity on the jobsite where it matters most, allowing workers to do what they do best, go build,” says James Cook, Head of Strategic Alliances and Partners at PlanGrid. “Voxer’s integration with PlanGrid helps our mobile users communicate in a new, powerful way to get their job done quickly and accurately, which leads to project completion on time and on budget.”

Voxer is designed to deliver the highest quality and performance in the toughest conditions. Voxer's real-time voice with text, photo and location sharing can be deployed on smartphones and tablets running iOS or Android and on laptops running macOS or Windows. Voxer works over any network - cellular or WiFi. Best of all, communicate hands-free with walkie talkie mode. Push-to-talk technology brought to the modern age with Voxer is available on iOS, Android, and the web.

Voxer has integrated with PlanGrid to save time and reduce miscommunication such as missed phone calls, and inefficient emails. Sync your PlanGrid project teams with Voxer to add all team members to relevant Voxer group chats, enabling real-time communication about project specifics. All messages are saved so users can reply when they are able to. You can see who has read and heard your messages so everyone stays on-task and never miss a message.

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About Voxer
Voxer was founded in 2007 with the vision to make worldwide communication easy, more effective and personal. The privately held San Francisco-based company launched its first walkie talkie messenger in 2011. Voxer is the fastest way for high-performance teams to communicate. Over 70M users and thousands of businesses use Voxer in industries like hospitality, field services, construction and delivery. “Voxer makes PTT not just useful on smartphones, but maybe a life changer because its ease-of-use” - PC Magazine.. . To learn more, visit www.voxer.com.