Voxer Business Introduces New Enterprise-Grade Security and Data Policy Management Features

SAN FRANCISCO - November 21, 2013 - Voxer, a pioneer in push-to-talk (PTT) and multimedia messaging, today announced new enterprise-ready features for Voxer Business including single sign-on (SSO), data encryption, data retention policies, and data application programming interface (API). With these new features, enterprise users can utilize all of the benefits of instantaneous communication while seamlessly managing and monitoring users, customizing data policies and eliminating the security concerns associated with multimedia messaging.

“To meet the needs of today’s increasingly mobile workforce, enterprise organizations are investing in software applications, over hardware,” said Itamar Kandel, chief revenue officer, Voxer. “As more organizations adopt software to manage their mobile workforce, there is an increased need for security layers that manage user access and data. With the new features offered by Voxer Business, enterprise users are able to easily and confidently introduce a secure communication application that answers the need for instantaneous communication without compromising on security.”

Simplify administration and protect data

Enterprise organizations that manage a large workforce need to frequently on-board and off-board their employees seamlessly, while adhering to specific security and data management policies. Voxer Business, which was recently awarded best overall and best social business application at the Silicon Valley Business App Awards, supports the challenges enterprise organizations face by offering new features, including:

Single-Sign On (SSO): With Voxer Business SSO integration, employees can use their company-assigned username and password to access their Voxer Business accounts, minimizing the need to create multiple logins. With the press of a button, any employee can securely access Voxer. Additionally, with the SSO feature, administrators are able to instantly provide or revoke access from the company’s LDAP management console.

Data Encryption: With Transport Layer Security (TLS), Voxer Business ensures that an external party cannot tamper with or listen to a message that is sent using the service. Encryption allows servers and applications to authenticate with each other through the exchange of cryptographic keys.

Data Retention: When it comes to persistent data retention, organizations have different business and legal requirements – some require that data be retained for up to seven years, while others may not want it to be retained at all. By offering customizable data retention policies, Voxer Business provides customers with ultimate flexibility that supports their unique requirements and guidelines.

Data API: With the Voxer data API, enterprises can monitor and audit messages from their employees in real time, enabling organizations to conduct rich data analysis on any communication that goes through Voxer Business.

“For enterprise organizations that need to manage communication for thousands of employees, adopting solutions that are easy to implement and adhere to organizational policies is crucial,” said Itamar Kandel, chief revenue officer, Voxer. “Voxer is enterprise ready, with new features – SSO, data encryption, data retention, and the data API, meeting the needs of our enterprise customers and helping them to deploy a solution that allows for more secure and efficient communication and business productivity.”

About Voxer

Voxer was founded in 2007 with the vision to make worldwide communication easy and more efficient. The privately held San Francisco-based company launched its first consumer walkie-talkie and text-messaging application Voxer in 2011. Voxer now offers a high-performance push-to-talk service for enterprises, Voxer Business. The company has raised $30 million in funding from Institutional Venture Partners, Intel Capital, SV Angel, CrunchFund and other investors. To learn more, please visit www.voxer.com.

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