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You Just Upgraded Your Voxer Account, Now What?


At Voxer our goal was to make our app intuitive and simple to use. We aim to provide rapid and seamless communication for individuals and teams. Yet, with enhanced premium features, some of our key features may be uncharted territory for some. Navigation might seem complex through the uninformed eye. Yet, we assure you, it’s easy. We made it that way, with you in mind.

Sending and receiving Voxer messages is the primary reason you came to Voxer after all. So, ensuring that your messages get delivered to your loved ones or team members and that conversation is reciprocated is necessary.

Since back and forth communication is neverending, ensuring you’re outfitted for success within Voxer will make it all the more smoother.

Here is a quick overview of how you can set up messages you send as well as incoming messages you receive:

How to Set up Messaging Controls for Groups

Admin Controls:

When creating a new group chat you will be given a prompt to enable Admin controls per your choosing.

The first step, to decide whether you’ll want to enable this functionality. You’ll determine this depending on whether you’d like to place any restrictions within the chat.

Why you might set Admin controls to on:

Broadcast Chats:

Send one-way messages to your entire chat group. By setting up a broadcast chat, only the chat creator can send messages and other members cannot respond. It’s the ideal way to relay important information to the entire group without excessive chatter. Think of it like talking into a megaphone – everyone will get the memo.

Receiving incoming messages

When receiving messages within Voxer you will want to make sure you have set your account up for success. Otherwise, you might miss that important message that can’t wait.

Here are tools that can help guarantee you don’t miss your notifications:

How Urgent is Urgent?

Do you have some group chats that take precedent over others? For emergency situations or chats where you do not want to miss a message, you’ll want to set your chat notifications to extreme.

In this mode, you’ll receive these loud and persistent chirps every 15 seconds until the message has been read, 5 minutes have passed or you disable this feature.

Unlimited Message Storage

Some of us are sentimental when it comes to keeping our messages.  So why not keep them indefinitely? All messages are saved and stored, but, there are a few exceptions to keep in mind:

Walkie Talkie Mode:

Don’t like talking with your hands? Or like talking with your hands and don’t want to hold up your phone. With Walkie Talkie Mode (WTM) talk hands-free while using a headset. Up to 5 chats can be live-streamed even when the app isn’t open or your phone is locked.

This feature is great for teams that work in the following industries:


Even if you don’t work in an industry that requires walkie talkie functionality, it can be amusing to relive your childhood. Remember when you used old school walkie talkies to talk to all of the neighborhood kids? 

What are you waiting for?

We are 100% positive that we’ve skimmed the surface on some of the ways you can set up your Voxer account to send and receive messages. Our hope is this enables you or your team to use some of our best features and set up your chats so you don’t have to waste precious time creating extra chats. This way, you can spend your spare time doing what you love best, voxing.

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