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Introducing Voxer SDK – The Audio Button for your App

We are excited to announce the beta launch of the new Voxer software developer kit (SDK)! Voxer SDK empowers any developer to to add Voxer powered Push-to-talk button within their own applications.

Today, thousands of business rely on our patented live audio technology for efficient team communication and collaboration through live voice, text, and group chat features. Our SDK brings it all into your product! Leveraging both synchronous and asynchronous communication, Voxer technology ensures that important information is never missed, saving time and improving productivity. With the world’s rapid transition to remote work, Voxer enables users spread across multiple locations and time zones to stay connected, effortlessly.

Feature highlights

With a few lines of code, you can easily integrate Voxer’s most powerful communication features like live audio and “walkie-talkie” mode! 

Live Audio: Unlike other messaging apps, Voxer doesn’t wait for the sender’s message to be finished. Audio is sent progressively to the recipients while the message is being created as fast as the network will carry it. Data is simultaneously stored so that it can be consumed by the listener at their convenience.

Walkie-Talkie Mode: Turn any phone in to a walkie talkie. With walkie talkie mode on, any incoming live audio message will be played out loud regardless of whether the app is in background or foreground. Users can record an audio to a chat using an external button.

Get Started with Voxer SDK Beta

Ready to start building? Integrating voice into your applications and services has never been easier. Sign up today for early access to the Voxer SDK:

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