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The Most Voxed Day of the Year

Voxer data is a new blog series that showcases interesting facts, numbers, and stats about how Voxer users are using Voxer. This week we examined the top 3 most voxed days in Voxer history.

On what day did you send the most voxes? Like most Voxer users, your voxing most likely fluctuates from day-to-day. Sometimes you may send tens of voxes in a day, while other days the radio waves remain pretty quiet. Our data team at Voxer was curious about when the Voxer Community voxes the most, so we did some investigating. The results we found were pretty interesting. It turns out, the Voxer Community gets extra Voxer enthused around the holiday season. Maybe you’re spreading holiday cheer, talking to loved ones who are far away, planning your New Years eve party, or sharing pictures of your holiday festivities… Whatever it is, we looked and we realized, you show some extra Voxer love during the holidays!

Here are the top 3 most voxed days in Voxer history:

1. Friday December 28, 2012 – Believe it or not, on this day more voxes were sent and received than any other day in Voxer history. We speculate that a few days after Christmas, as the holidays were winding down, Voxer users wanted to get back in touch with friends and family. The day is also very close to New Year Eve, so we assumed that some of you were making your New Years Eve plans through Voxer. Did you send a vox on December 28th? If so, what were you voxing about?

2. Monday January 21, 2013 – The second most voxed day in Voxer history was Inauguration Day 2013. Based on our data, a large majority of the voxes being sent that day were in the D.C. area, so we can assume that attendees of the inauguration were perhaps using Voxer to communicate in the crowds. We’ve all been in a crowd and unable to send text messages, because Voxer runs on wifi, even in large crowds, you are still able communicate using Voxer.

3. Monday December 31, 2012 – There’s a lot of planning that goes into New Years Eve. Between choosing the perfect outfit (we’ve all been there ladies), gathering all your friends, and determining your means of transportation, New Years Eve never fails to become quite a hyped night.  This was the third most voxed day in Voxer history, leading us to believe that Voxer is one of your favorite ways to make plans with your friends.

Will history repeat itself and new voxing records will be set in December 2013? Only time will tell… Until then, Vox on!

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