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How to stay connected during Hurricane Irma when cell service goes down

As Hurricane Irma hurtles across the Caribbean towards the South of Florida, communities in the path of the massive, record-setting Category 5 hurricane are looking for ways to stay connected during Hurricane Irma’s eminent impact on cellphone service. Voxer played a similar role among communities affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas. But how will Voxer actually help you stay connected during Hurricane Irma? And why are people relying on the app for their lifeline of communication during a crisis?

Voxer’s patented live audio messaging technology allows for fast communication to individuals and large groups with just the push-of-a-button. It’s a way to share real-time updates with voice, without relying on phone calls. Unlike a phone call, Voxer guarantees delivery of a message even if the mobile coverage or wifi connection is spotty.

When experiencing a weak signal, Voxer has a track record of keeping people connected. In addition, during periods of no connectivity, Voxer saves messages and automatically sends them when connectivity is restored. Xfinity is offering free access to its wifi hot spots to help residents and emergency personnel stay connected during Hurricane Irma. Voxer requires a data connection to send messages, either via Wifi or network carrier.

For more information on how Voxer can help you stay connected during Hurricane Irma, we have put together some practical information here.

We hope that Voxer serves as a tool for bringing comfort that loved ones are safe, and helps facilitate rescue efforts.

Hurricane Irma Communities: If you are located in the communities on the path of Hurricane Irma, or are involved in rescue and relief efforts, we will give you a Voxer PRO subscription free for 30 days. Please contact us at and include your Voxer username.


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