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6 Advantages of BYOD and How it Increases Productivity and Profits

advantages of byod to work

*Updated July 26, 2019

The rising BYOD trend is no longer a movement, but a reality for many enterprises. With the rapid global adoption of connected devices, employees will continue to use their personal devices for tasks. While there are risks to security, if implemented correctly advantages of BYOD can put you ahead of your competition by increasing your company’s productivity, performance, and profitability. 

If you are a bit apprehensive to make the shift to the bring your own device to work phenomenon due to company-wide protocols rest assured, once adapting you will immediately see it’s advantages. 

However, if you are still on the fence, we’ve mapped out 5 key reason’s why your company would surely be left in the dust if not adapting to the rise of the BYOD to work movement. 

Cut Costs on Devices

The clearest benefit of embracing BYOD is that programs generally shift costs to the employees. Companies that implement BYOD save approximately $350 per person, per year. Even if you only have 10 employees, the savings add up, fast

The majority of employees working for your business already own some sort of suitable smart device. Many employees, when asked to BYOD to work might be psyched to hear this and will immediately relish in the opportunity. Above all, it will give your team an incentive to take care of this device – it’s theirs after all.

Alternatively, some employees might revolt against using their own device as using additional apps might drain data from their phone plan and add unwanted wear and tear. When exploring these options with employees they might be pleasantly surprised and delighted to use their own device if incentivized. Some enterprises might be inclined to offer a monthly stipend for employees using their own device or even pay the bill in its entirety. This is huge for your employees. Regardless, if you contribute $50 or 100$ to your employees the savings over the lifecycle of the employment duration it will be significant as you will no longer need to replace or repair devices

When recruiting new employee candidates you can list this BYOD and a payback plan as a perk for working at your business. This seemingly small benefit might provoke additional interest than you may realize. Not to mention, your employees (new and old) will rejoice that their phone payment got a little bit cheaper. 

Saves Time

Cutting costs, though definitely an advantage of BYOD isn’t the only benefit of implementing a BYOD program within your organization. It will boost productivity levels sky high and save your company precious time you don’t have to waste. 

A research study conducted by Frost & Sullivan (sponsored by Samsung) says that employees that bring their own devices to work save their employer 58 minutes every day. That comes out to be a 34% increase in productivity – what a mountainous feat.  It will also help boost morale amongst your employees as they will be able to accomplish tasks at a rapid pace. A win-win for both enterprises and employees. 

The study also showed that employees received approximately an additional hour of personal time in their day by bringing their own devices to work. That extra hour a day will help improve your employee’s overall happiness. More time to spend with friends and family, learn a new skill, or get an extra hour of shut-eye each night. 

Improve Overall Employee Satisfaction

Workers are happier and more comfortable using devices they know and love. Otherwise, you might catch out of the corner of your eye an employee fumbling over that device you insisted they use. A task that could have been executed in seconds on their personal device now takes minutes.

Your employees may end up spending time trying to get a grasp on using that foreign device that might end up leaving them frustrated or defeated. Definitely not a good confidence booster. 

When employees are comfortable with their chosen devices and potentially have the ability to work remotely (job depending), employees are more accessible and happy to put in additional hours. 

Access to Top Talent

Having grown up with technology, Gen-Y are tech-savvy and there’s no question that millennials want employers to encourage the bring your own device to work movement. 

But why are they so important? 

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Millennials currently make up the largest segment of the workforce according to the Pew Research Center. Adding pressure on enterprises to implement tactics to recruit and retain young talent. Letting employees bring their own device to work will not only aid in these processes but this generation will be naturally attracted to work at these enterprise organizations. 

Option to Implement Mobile Apps

While most usage of BYOD comes from basic tasks such as emails, reading documents, and managing schedules, BYOD gives both employers and employees the option to take advantage of mobile applications that simplify business processes.

Most companies today deploy their own app and there are thousands of apps that can be found in your respective app stores. You’ll want to make sure they have a mobile device at their fingertips so they can have full-accessibility to your organization’s app as well as other apps that enhance productivity at work. 

Permitting employees to bring their own device to work will save your company thousands of dollars per year as opposed to needing to provide them with one. Everyone is a wiz when using their own devices – familiarity will undoubtedly add to an increase in productivity of your employees.

Advantages of BYOD

BYOD has been referred to as many things. A revolution, a trend, and even the IT departments nightmare. But perhaps the most fitting word to describe it would be inevitable. As corporate data shifts to online database software and device ownership continue to increase, employees will use their devices for work-related purposes.  

While enterprises can condone BYOD if managed properly the advantages of BYOD outweigh the risks. All these factors combined empowers employees, which in turn increases productivity, collaboration and improves the company’s bottom line. 

The BYOD market is slated to hit a whopping $367 billion in value by 2022. That is $30 billion more than valued in 2014. If you are on the fence about whether or not it’s time to allow your employees to have this option, it’s time to hop on the bandwagon. Not only will it save your company time, but it will also boost overall cost savings, improve employee satisfaction, and boost work productivity. After all, chances are if you look at your employee right now, they’re staring at their cell phone.  

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