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Silvercar X Voxer: Disrupting the Car Rental Business with Modern Technology

Silvercar is the leading car rental company devoted to changing the stereotypical perception of what renting a car is like. With focus on providing a better quality of experience for airport car rentals, mainly by adding technology as a way to simplify and improve the whole process, Silvercar is making a measurable impact on an industry that is ready for innovation.

Silvercar is primarily focused on a fast, frictionless, and consistent customer experience. It wants to free the modern traveler from frustrating experiences at the rental car counter, and provide a vehicle that meets their standards and price expectations. At Silvercar there are no counters, no lines, no hassles.

Silvercar is leveraging Voxer’s live audio messaging technology as their primary team communication tool for improved efficiency. For Silvercar, Voxer offers are solution that allows field employees to instantly communicate with their support team, and easily coordinate airport shuttle pick up, drop offs, and back of house logistics to ensure premium service in handling customer requests.

With Voxer, Silvercar’s field employees enjoy elements of live voice communication – combined with the flexibility of messaging – for a more robust tool for effective mobile communication. It’s a much more flexible solution that allows on-the-go drivers and concierges to accelerate on-site issues, customer requests and changes, and access answers from management with ease.

The ability to simultaneously handle communications while driving or customer-facing has been a valuable feature that allows the Silvercar team to offer superb service to their customers. Voxer’s walkie-talkie mode streams messages hands-free into a headset or bluetooth car speaker, even if the device is locked. Employees can quickly engage with messages with one-touch operation on a headphone mic or car controls. Every message sent on Voxer is geotagged, allowing easy access to the location of drivers for customer pick up coordination.

Alike local field teams, Silvercar also found a solution with Voxer to assist in re-routing customer inquires and requests that come in through their customer service hub – the Silvercare Team. These requests are sent to the appropriate local office via Voxer, and handled directed by a local concierge. The Silvercare team takes advantage of Voxer for Web, which brings all the mobile messaging functionality to the computer, and it’s the perfect tool for desk-bound employees managing multiple conversations at once. Just like the smartphone app, Voxer for Web allows these teams to send and receive live and recorded audio, text, images, and files right from their computer.

Today, Silvercar is available in 17 major U.S cities and has deployed Voxer in several major locations and customer service hubs as a reliable way to rapidly connect their field and support teams. Voxer’s services keeps their extensive operations running smoothly, providing a fast, reliable communication tool that is invaluable to delivering the premium experience they are known for.

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