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School Principals in Action: Getting Creative on Voxer

By Eric Ewald, Elementary School Principal

Adam Welcome: “Hey bro, are you on Voxer?!”

Me: “No…but I probably should be, huh?”

Adam Welcome: “My man, yes, like yesterday! Trust me! I’ll plug you in 🙂
Sign up ASAP and send me a msg, will totally open up your PLN! awelcome”

That was the Twitter conversation that Adam Welcome and I had this past summer.

I proceeded to download Voxer, create an account, and began enhancing my connections with principals and educators across the country. These connections, which generally started on Twitter, are extended on Voxer on a much more personal level.

As I drive my daily 30-minute commute to and from work, I get the chance to get caught-up on my Voxes. Voxer allows me to reflect on my practices as a principal. It gives me the energy and motivation to push myself to be better and do more each day. It excites me to go to work and make a difference each day, and it rejuvenates me on the way home after what may have been a more difficult day. After hearing other principals share first hand on Voxer the celebrations and successes that they are having in their schools, Voxer has convinced me that I can do better that I can do more…

Voxer has been great! I owe a huge thanks to Adam for introducing me to Voxer, and I owe a huge thanks to Voxer for the continued passion that it has provided me towards my profession. It has made a positive impact on my practice as a school principal.

As a result of the Principals in Action Voxer group, I’ve become more creative in my role as an elementary school principal. Here’s what’s come out of some of our conversations:

I plan to continue to use Voxer as a way to discuss issues with those in a similar position, motivate myself as well as others, and to share and replicate ideas. However, in an effort to become more efficient, I plan on starting to use Voxer to provide teachers with feedback after visiting their classrooms.

Traditionally, educators and principals have operated in the isolation of their school and classroom. But Voxer brings educators together, on our individual terms and time.

Eric Ewald is an elementary education major from the University of Iowa. He began his teaching career as a sixth grade teacher. Currently, he is in his fourth year as an elementary school principal. In 2015, he became the principal at Starry Elementary School in the Marion Independent School District (located in eastern Iowa). You can read more about Eric’s reflections on his blog at; you can find him on Twitter at @ericewald_iowa and on Voxer as eewald83.

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