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Deploying Voxer Business in a COPE mobile device model

Despite all the hype over BYOD, many companies are switching to a corporate-owned, personally enabled (COPE) mobile device model to effective secure and manage devices and corporate data. In fact, according to a recent survey by Frost & Sullivan, companies are providing smartphones, tablets and apps for their employees in record numbers.

Many organizations are switching out of BYOD, or deploying a mix of BYOD and COPE mobile device model within their organization. The reason being is that BYOD can bring a number of security and manageability concerns. When a mobile device doesn’t belong to the enterprise, employees can use them for whatever they want. The IT department can’t monitor what is being shared, downloaded, or backed up from that device.

With the COPE mobile device model, businesses have a new way of giving some control back to the IT group without depriving employees of devices and apps that make them more productive.

We have heard from many enterprises that have successfully deployed Voxer within a COPE model. Their success comes in part from the robust admin control features that allows the IT group to have full control of who accesses company data – by creating a private network of users – and the ability to revoke access to company communications at any time.  

In turn, the end users have the ability to reach anyone in their organization with all the perks of a secure mobile messenger, without putting company private information at risk.

With Voxer, administrators deploying in a closed model – where devices are given to employees when they are on duty and returned at the end of the shift – are also able to fully control login and password information, as well as manage privacy control on those accounts.

The BYOD model can offer organization cost savings and empower employees to use their preferred gadgets and services, and it works well in many settings.

On the other hand, the COPE model allows IT administrators to ensure compliance and data security, monitor and protect devices, while still allowing employees to stay productive with their choice of mobile tools and the ability to use the devices both personally and professionally. It’s the secure alternative to BYOD.

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