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4 Ways to Boost Internal Communication in your Hotel

Every successful hotel brand strives to provide exceptional service to its customers. Providing extraordinary service comes down to one simple thing – great internal communication. Anticipating your guest’s needs every moment of their stay is crucial to your success. This requires a quick and effective way to communicate by committing to a decision at a moment’s notice. 

Your hotel demands that you provide an unforgettable experience to all your guests. When your guests leave beaming you’ll know you’ve accomplished your goals. Yet, if they sprint out of your hotel as fast as their legs can take them they will let other’s know about all of your oversights. Making sure their stay is superb will be your top priority so your guests will shout your praises from the rooftops. Generating your hotel extra business and seeing your ratings skyrocket.

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Here are some surefire ways to help your entire hotel to communicate like a well-oiled machine:

Encourage Knowledge-Sharing Among Employees

Working in a knowledge-intensive industry requires that employees can anticipate their guest’s needs at the bat of an eye. You wouldn’t run a boutique hotel without a bellman greeting your guests at the door, now would you?  Regardless of your staff’s role, everyone is working towards the same goal. – providing an everlasting impression on your guests.

When employees share information amongst their team it develops a cohesive culture. Employees can then be more refined at making decisions in line with their hotel’s goals.

This results in not duplicating work and faster turn-around on tasks that affects customers. Make sure to foster a flexible and open channel of communication.

Communicate Your Brand Vision and Goals

If you were to poll ten members of your staff about your hotel’s mission or goals, – what percentage of those employees would get this question right? If you aren’t sure then chances are you might want to make this a priority.

We will hit the nail on the head with this reason’s why it’s so important

Consider internal communication as an opportunity to engage and involve staff in your brand’s vision and goals. Educating them on the right messaging will encourage them corresponding with hotel guests with their own spin on it. A personal approach adds creativity, warmth, and will promote your brand’s vision that will extend beyond your guests stay.

Deep Listening

You’d likely be horrified to observe a member of staff not listening or responding to your guest’s requests. The same can be said between departments within your hotel. Communication is a two-way street, regardless of what role you fulfill within the hotel.

Building team rapport will lead to stunning results. As all employees will be able to provide opinions and make suggests for enhancements. Every staff member will bring valuable insights to their particular department. Try and gather these details to boost productivity, improve guest satisfaction and work together in unison.

Source an Enterprise-Grade Messaging Solution

Hotels long relied on two-way radios as their main method of internal communication. But, in the modern world, traditional communication systems have setbacks. Traditional walkies talkies are undeniably noisy, pricey and have limited functionality.

We don’t need to tell you, that they lack privacy. Guests can overhear conversations and may interrupt their peaceful enjoyment. No guest wants to hear about the clogged toilet in Room 416 or the messy room on Floor 12. Not only is this an earsore but the last thing your guests want to know is that there are problems occurring in your hotel.

For customer-facing staff, the constant interruptions can be a distraction from the customer. A response must be immediate or a message is forgotten. And if they miss a message, there is no way to play it back.

Hotels should embrace new technologies and take advantage of modern communication tools like our own, Voxer. We offer the immediacy of push-to-talk, alongside the convenience of messaging. Secure, fast, and effective messaging solution between the front and back of the house that drives results.



Updated 11.5.19

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