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Dispatches from Vox Nation: Voxer on the Road

Dispatches from Vox Nation is a new Voxer Blog Series chronicling how Voxer employees use Voxer in their day-to-day lives. This is Community Manager, Jen Canfield’s story with Voxer over the 4th of July. 

For the 4th of July this year I decided to ditch the San Francisco fog and head down to sunny Southern California. My best friend Ashley, moved down to Orange County a year prior, and I was long overdue for a visit.  She and some friends had a fabulous house on the beach in Newport for the weekend. Sun, beach, sand, friends… what better way to celebrate the 4th right?


As I was making my plans, I caught wind that some of my college friends were also traveling south for the long weekend. ROADTRIP! The days leading up to our departure were filled with excited Voxes back and forth, containing inside jokes, trip itinerary plans, even some original song renditions.

The downside was we ended up having more people than one car could hold, the upside?… We had Voxer. We decided to caravan the trek from San Francisco to LA. When you’re cooped up in a car for six hours, the Voxes start to get a little ridiculous.

Not only did Voxer save us from the boredom of I-5, but it kept us in contact throughout our entire trip. We were seven people, staying in two separate locations, our whole group was able to stay in touch and make our plans to meet up entirely through Voxer. It was perfect because the whole group could talk in one conversation. Never before has our planning been so efficient!

Do you use Voxer to make plans with your friends? We would love to hear about your travels with Voxer in the comments below.


About Me: I’m a Community Manager at Voxer. I’m a Bay Area Native living in San Francisco. I have a deep seeded nostalgia for the 90’s. When I’m not talking about startups, I can be found urban hiking, meditating, or at music festivals.

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