Announcing Voxer + Zapier integration!

Announcing Voxer + Zapier integration!

Do you find yourself using more apps than you can count on one hand? If so, your day just got a whole lot easier. Announcing Voxer + Zapier integration!

If you aren’t already aware, Zapier is an automation tool that connects all of your apps — allowing them to work together so that you reduce the amount of time you spend on everyday tasks, making productivity a breeze. 1,000+ apps are available for integration.

Getting started with Zapier is simple. First, create a Zapier account create what are known as “zaps.” Zaps consist of two parts: picking a trigger app and establishing an action app.

  1. Trigger— you choose an event in any given app that you’d like Zapier to keep tabs on like, “New Dropbox File is Created,” or “New Row is Updated in Google Sheets.”
  2. Action — this is what happens when the trigger is set off. Zapier will automatically send a notification into Voxer letting you know the file was created/updated, reducing time spent going back and forth between apps.

In need of a good example?

Set up a “zap” and get alerted every time you receive new Gmail messages (i.e — your boss) a notification will get posted into a Voxer chat.

Zapier does all the work for you and alert you when “you’ve got mail.”

It really is as simple as it sounds.

Getting the hang of it so far?

Do you often find yourself worried that you’ll miss a slack channel message that is directed right to you?

If so, let Zapier do the work for you but sending a message straight into Voxer so you know you’ll never miss a message.

Okay, one more for good measure.

Would you consider yourself to be a social media connoisseur? This zap is especially great if you tend to follow too many hashtags have extreme #fomo.

Just pick and choose your favorite hashtags and let Zapier do the rest. Set up a specific group chat or send your tweets to your notes section in Voxer.

And there you have it.

Options are endless as Zapier offers integrations with 1,000+apps. Access one of our ready to go zap templates or create your own.


Let us know what you think, any hiccups you encounter, and what templates you’d like us to create next.