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5 Strategies for Effective Team Communication

5 Strategies for Team Communication

The importance of efficient and effective team communication within an organization cannot be emphasized enough. Poor communication can cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. A study by Siemens Enterprise Communications found that $26,041 is the cumulative cost per worker, per year due to productivity losses resulting from communication barriers. The good news is that by implementing specific strategies with a unified communication solution such as Voxer PRO, your business can avoid communication mishaps. 

Here are five strategies to implement for stronger company communication:

1. Clearly Communicate Goals and Objectives with Everyone in the Organization

It is imperative that everyone in the company, no matter their role, has a clear understanding of the company goals and mission. When employees feel a part of the company objectives, they are more engaged, and more likely to communicate openly with other employees and managers. With Voxer PRO, you can create functional teams with group chats and relay information to specific people instantly. Every message on Voxer is sent live, while also simultaneously recorded so employees always have a record of what was communicated, which holds everyone accountable.

2. Consolidate Company Communication:

Between phone calls, text messages, emails, and third party communication solutions, company communication can become overwhelming. When all company communication takes place in a single location, employees understand exactly where they need to look to be kept in the loop. Voxer PRO streamlines company communication on employees’ existing smartphones or smartphones provided by the company. With Voxer PRO, you can send text, image, video and voice messages directly from your smartphone or computer to your entire company, keeping everyone connected, in one place.

3. Provide Multimedia & Voice Options:

Typing out long emails is tedious, phone calls are disruptive, and text messaging is too time-consuming. Not to mention, without tone and inflection from someone’s voice, text messages and emails risk being misunderstood. Voxer PRO enables everyone in your organization to communicate with voice messages, which can come in handy, especially for long messages that take too much time to compose and type. Voxer PRO even provides the option to send photos, videos and text messages. There are instances, specifically in construction, on-demand services, or out in the field when a photo speaks volumes more than a voice or text message ever can. On Voxer you can access and share files from both mobile and desktop, and connect Voxer to Dropbox; a useful feature for customer service industry such as event management or hospitality. Every message sent on Voxer is geotagged and timestamped, so you can see exactly where someone was when they sent a message, which can be extremely useful for distributed workforces.

4. Encourage Tribal Knowledge Sharing:

Top-down communication is sometimes necessary but can leave employees feeling disengaged. Therefore, it’s important to allow open communication between all employees at all levels in the organization. With Voxer PRO, every employee you sign up has the ability to communicate with anyone in the organization directly from their smartphone or computer, even if they are miles apart.

5. Make Information Available At All Times:

It’s important that employees have access to any information they need at anytime. We all get distracted at times, and it is imperative that information is recorded so it can be referenced later. As stated earlier, every single message on Voxer PRO is recorded so you can go back and reference information at anytime. You can even save messages directly to your computer on Voxer PRO so particularly important messages can be saved on your computer and accessed whenever you need.

These are just five ways Voxer PRO, coupled with effective communication strategies can dramatically improve communication at your business. If you are interested in hearing more ways Voxer PRO can transform your company communication, please email

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