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Voxer Business is a flexible solution bringing instant communication to every industry.

Our customers believe that Voxer Business has not only transformed how they communicate, but how they do business.

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Future Cab

Voxer Business - Future Cab
New York City Car Service

Windom Windows

Windom Windows
Seattle-based Window Washers


Intruder Consulting

"All of our communication is actually based on Voxer. We stopped using cell phone calls because Voxer is so efficient and so fast."

Anton Krall
President & CEO, Intruder Consulting
Mexico City-based IT Consulting

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Houghton Chemical

"We are a totally locked down facility, and any delivery truck that comes to our gate has to be let in. Being able to vox the team downstairs, and know the closest individual is responding, is critical."

Deborah Gavin
Vice President of Administration, Houghton Chemical
Massachusetts-based Chemical Manufacturer

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Centro Elevator

"Voxer Business saves us an hour of labor for every mobile worker everyday. And that saves us money throughout the month."

Yhamil Aponte
IT & Service Manager, Centro Elevator
Puerto Rico-based Elevator Repair and Servicing

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eXp Realty

"In real estate, time is money. You get caught up in 20-minute conversations when you only have 3 minutes worth of information to exchange. Leaving voicemails or sending text messages is too difficult. Voxer made our lives a lot easier."

Brian Culhane
Chief Cultural Officer, eXp Realty
Realty Company in 28 States and 3 Countries

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Xtreme Snow Pros

"Last year, our only communication tool was the phone. After using Voxer Business during one storm this year ... I couldn’t imagine using anything else.”

Chris Marino
Owner, Xtreme Snow Pros
New Jersey-based Snow Removal Company

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Wolf Trap Foundation

"We didn't have any trouble with service. Voxer never cut out, it never stopped working. It was always reliable."

Melanie McCarty
Director of Special Events, Wolf Trap
Arts Presenter and Foundation

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"Voxer Business has eliminated our need to purchase radios. With radios the only communication you have is talking, and I can only talk when no one else is talking."

Dennis Mollet
IT Team Leader, Ironwood
525-Acre California-based Camp

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